A new start.

I honestly do not know how many times I have attempted to create a blog/website and failed miserably with terrible excuses. Things such as no time, no inspiration, no this, no that and so on. However, enough is enough. I have come to the realization that it was merely being in the right place in my life. I finally think that I am in that place to pursue in this. As an artist has a portfolio of works, this will be my portfolio. However, I want my portfolio to be for everyone. I use to write in my journal daily, but over the years it has lost it’s effect for me. It doesn’t feel like I’m truly getting anything off my chest or really ‘saying’ anything. It is just writing my rambles, ideas, thoughts, and keeping them locked up in my journal. That just doesn’t do it for me anymore. My words aren’t going anywhere. They don’t help me or anyone else. It’s just this big book of secrets, it seems. I won’t write out my entire life story in this post, but throughout my timeline in this life, sharing my inner self with people has grown to help me so much more than bottling things within myself and for my own eyes. I value communication and connection very deeply and I want this place, my blog, to honor that value. It will take some time to truly make this how I’d like, but it is worth it. The name of this blog is more than 3 words. “Lusikas” means “spoon” in English. When I moved to Estonia 8 months ago, my life turned completely upside down. In a good way, of course. When I moved here, that is when I realized I was on the right path in my life and to this day do not regret moving 5,000 miles away from where I lived most of my life. Estonia is my home country and where I first opened my eyes to the world so, it only makes sense that I am


Copyright : Jacek Nowak

more myself here. “Chocolate” seems a bit strange to say that it represents me, but it does. Throughout my ups and downs, no matter how I felt about myself, my life, or anything, a few good squares of dark chocolate always brought comfort to me. Always. I can tell you that there were moments in my life where consuming anything sounded like destruction, but a dark chocolate paired with a hot cup of tea, seemed to calm my nerves and take me to a place of bliss. I can’t promise there will be fast progress at first, I am very new to this, but I hope later down the road this will be a place of comfort, inspiration, hope, growth, connection, and life. If anyone has any tips, ideas, or simply feedback, please let me know!

“If you sit down by a river bank, and wait long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by”



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